Galaxy Z Fold 3 Durability Proven In A Series Of Drop Tests

Galaxy Z Fold 3 drop tests

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 is Samsung’s latest foldable smartphone. That device did surprisingly well in some durability tests thus far, and a new one just surfaced. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 proved its durability yet again in a series of drop tests… on cement.

These drop tests have been conducted by PhoneBuff, and uploaded to YouTube. The video itself has a duration of around 8 minutes, and it does show quite a few drop tests. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 did really well.

There are quite a few Galaxy Z Fold 3 drop tests included in this video

The video is embedded below the article, but we’ll talk about most of these tests separately. The first drop test sees the phone dropped on the back. The back glass did not break, but the fall did cause some scuffs on the side.


The second drop test sees the phone dropped straight on the hinge. The phone remained perfectly functional, though quite a few scuffs ended up being visible on the hinge itself. This was to be expected, though.

In the third test, the phone ended up being dropped on the face. To be clear, it was still folded, and was dropped on its cover display, so face-down. This drop did not cause serious damage to the display, which is impressive. There are some light scratches on the side (and sides of the hinge), but other than that, it’s intact.

For the fourth test, the phone got dropped face-down once again, though this time it got rotated to the other side, so that the hinge part does not protect the display. This caused a crack on the display, which is not surprising. The display did remain fully functional after this, though.


The fifth test sees the phone dropped on the back side, but this time the phone was rotated to the side that is not protected by the metal trim of the hinge. The rear glass got cracked this time around.

The face-down drop test is also here, several of them, with the phone being unfolded

The next drop test is probably what you’ve been waiting for, the face-down drop test, but with the phone unfolded. Interestingly enough, this drop did not damage the display itself, though it did cause some scuffs on the plastic protection on the sides. The device also remained fully functional.

The unfolded Galaxy Z Fold 3 got dropped once again face-down, though this time around on a steel surface, and from a higher point. The display didn’t get fully damaged this time around either, but some of the pixels on it did.


Several other drop tests followed, with the phone semi-folded, completely unfolded face-up, and so on. You can watch all of them in the video below. The point is, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 did really, really well in these tests.