Galaxy S22 Ultra May Be The Next Galaxy Note Handset

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra may be your next Galaxy Note handset. Sounds confusing? Well, it kind of is, and it isn’t at the same time. Let me try to explain.

Ice Universe, a well-known tipster, tweeted out something really interesting today. He shared the following tweet “Note is over, but it’s not over. S becomes Note!”, which clearly hints that Samsung is moving the S series towards the Note territory.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra may essentially be a Galaxy Note handset

Now, the tweet itself is a bit confusing, and the source didn’t really offer any further explanation thus far. It’s not difficult to put the pieces together, and guess what he meant, though.


The Galaxy S21 Ultra came with support for the S Pen stylus. It was the first Galaxy S-branded smartphone to offer such support. It did not come with a dock for the S Pen, and it didn’t really feel like a full-fledged Galaxy Note device.

Samsung opted not to launch a Galaxy Note phone this year, for whatever reason. Instead, it offered an S Pen support for both the S21 Ultra and Z Fold 3. Neither felt like the Galaxy Note replacement, though.

Having said that, the Galaxy S22 Ultra may take things a step further. Based on what Ice Universe tweeted, it’s possible that the Galaxy S22 Ultra will not only support the S Pen, but come with it docked.


The Galaxy S22 & S22+ probably won’t offer S Pen support

This is just a wild guess, based on that tweet, but it kind of points in that direction. The Galaxy S22 and S22+ probably won’t be a part of the equation, but the most powerful S series smartphone may.

To some of you, this may not make much sense at all. Why would Samsung kill the Note series just to revive it in the form of a Galaxy S handset? Well, we don’t know, but that’s what the tipster is suggesting, even though he didn’t mention any S series smartphone in specific. We’ll just have to wait and see what will happen.