Galaxy S22 To Include A Smaller & Wider Display, Thinner Bezels

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According to a new report, the Samsung Galaxy S22 will include a smaller and wider display compared to its predecessor. Ice Universe, a well-known tipster, says that the phone will feature a 6.06-inch panel.

The Galaxy S22 to feature a smaller & wider display, along with thinner bezels

That’s not all, though. The tipster said that all three Galaxy S22 flagships will adopt a “new design style”, referring to their displays. It seems like all three will offer wider displays.

The tipster gave us an example with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. It said that the phone’s display aspect ratio will change from 20:9 to 19.3:9. He also noted that the screen-to-body ratio will increase, in other words, its bezels will be thinner.


The same will probably happen with the other two phones. It would be odd if only the Galaxy S22 Ultra ends up having a different screen aspect ratio, but we’ll see.

It was recently reported that the Galaxy S22 will have a smaller battery than its predecessor. The phone is said to include a 3,700mAh unit, while the Galaxy S21 offered a 4,000mAh battery.

That raised some concerns with users, though the phone will have a smaller display as well. Will that be enough to compensate for the battery difference, in addition to new internals? Well, it remains to be seen, but it sure doesn’t sound great.


Both the Galaxy S22 & S22+ will include smaller batteries

In fact, both the Galaxy S22 and S22+ are said to offer smaller batteries, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra will keep the same 5,000mAh battery like the Galaxy S21 Ultra. That’s, at least, what the reports have been saying.

All three of these smartphones are expected to launch in January next year. They will go into mass production in November, and Samsung will host a launch event in January.

All three phones are expected to include a display camera hole, and similar aesthetics to their predecessor. We’ll have to wait for the next generation of S devices to get under-display cameras, it seems.