Galaxy S22 Series Won't Feature Under-Display Cameras: Tipster

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 AM AH 13

The Samsung Galaxy S22 handsets are coming in January next year, but they won’t utilize under-display cameras. This information comes from Ice Universe, one of the best-known tipsters in the industry.

The Galaxy S22 series will stick to display holes, no under-display cameras in sight

He says that Samsung will continue using a display camera hole with the Galaxy S22 series. A recent report said that the company doesn’t intend on making major changes to the design. This information goes hand-in-hand with that. The Galaxy S22 series will be similar to the S21 series, it seems.

Samsung did include an under-display camera in the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Truth be said, it used a rather interesting implementation of an under-display camera. Its under-display unit is visible, to a degree, as it looks like it has a web on top of it.


That doesn’t look as good as ZTE’s implementation on the Axon 30 5G, for example. The whole point of an under-display camera is that it’s not visible, which is not the case with the one on the Z Fold 3.

Samsung probably realized that it needs more time to implement it properly, and didn’t want to mess with the aesthetics and camera performance on the S22 series. That under-display camera on the Z Fold 3 doesn’t exactly offer the best image quality.

The Galaxy S23 series may usher in under-display cameras to the S series phones

Not many people will complain that the Galaxy S22 won’t include such a camera, though. Samsung may figure things out by the time the Galaxy S23 comes out, though, we do hope that will be the case.


Now, the Galaxy S22 series is expected to launch in January, as already mentioned. Several reports said that the mass production will start in November, which means that the January launch is planned.

Samsung did announce the Galaxy S21 series in January this year, so it fits. In previous years, Samsung did its S series announcement a bit later, but its plans changed.