Fossil Curiously Removes Large Number Of Watchfaces From Gen 5

Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch 1

Fossil has recently been sending out its latest update to the Gen 5 smartwatch, which has curiously included the removal of a large number of watchfaces from the list of options. One of the biggest features of smartwatches is the customizable watchface options that users have access to.

There are apps like Facer which offer tens of thousands. But devices like the Fossil Gen 5 also came with a decent amount of built-in watchfaces. The most recent update appears to have whittled that number down to a fraction of what it used to be.

According to a new report from 9To5Google, Fossil’s latest update has taken a big chunk out of the available catalog.


Fossil Gen 5 update removes 33 watchfaces

There was a time that Gen 5 owners had 55 watchface options to choose from. But this most recent update seems to have removed a total of 33 of those, while adding 2. Decreasing that 55 down to 24.

The move is a curious one. Considering that the watchfaces were a customization feature for users. In this regard, having as many options as possible to customize the look of your watch isn’t a bad thing. And we can’t think of any reason why Fossil would the need to remove them.

9T05Google also notes that the update likely impacts users of the Gen 5e and the Gen 5 LTE models. And not just the original Gen 5. And that it could even impact older model watches from the brand.


Facer is your doorway to endless possibilities

Another thing to consider here is that users who really want a massive customization collection can just use Facer. Fossil even made it a pre-installed app on all Gen 5 models in December of 2020. Which means most users should have the app on their watch already.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that some of the removed watchfaces may have been favorites for some users. But, if it’s simply a matter of having a large pool to potentially pull from, all is not lost. Since Facer is now included with every Gen 5 model.

In addition to removing watchfaces, Fossil’s 2 newly added options include the Fitness Digital and Dashboard Digital watchface options.