Facebook And Instagram Add New Cross-Platform Messaging Features

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Instagram is in the process of adding more video features to the platform, and Facebook is facing pushback about the Instagram kids app. Amid this, the two company can still make time to add some cross-platform messaging features. According to a recent Facebook blog post, these features are now live.

Starting off these new features is cross-platform messaging is group chatting

Facebook announced this feature a while back, and we’re now finally getting it. With it, users can start a group chat on either platform and add contacts from both Facebook and Instagram. Users can all chat as though it was on the same app, and they can also start polls in the group. Additionally, there are also typing indicators so that you know if someone is actively replying.

There are some new goodies for Facebook messenger and Instagram DMs

There are some small but interesting additions to both of the platforms’ respective messengers. Firstly, there are some new themes to customize the chats. One theme is cottagecore, which is popular among Gen Z youths; it’s a nod to pastoral country life. Also, fans of J. Balvin should be happy to know that there’s a theme centered around his new album.


Topping this off, there’s what the company calls the Astrology suite. This is for people who are really into astrological signs and whatnot. It’s a chat theme, an AR effect in video calls (you nod your head to change the sign), and a pack of stickers (The stickers are coming soon, though).

Instagram gets ‘Watch Together’ feature

Instagram has just gotten a new and interesting feature, even if it doesn’t deal with cross-platform messaging. It’s called Watch Together, and it originally launched last year for Facebook. The feature allows you to share your screen in a live video chat. You start the chat, pick a post to watch, and both parties will be able to see it.

So, what’s going on with the Instagram kid app?

Though these cross-platform messaging features are great, Facebook and Instagram are in a bit of a pickle. The Instagram team is working on a kid-exclusive IG app that has a lot of lawmakers and attorney generals in a huff.


The kid app, according to Facebook, would be a safer version of the app that would not contain ads and have only family-friendly content. However, the company has faced a load of pushback. Most arguments against this initiative say that exposing young children to social media has a negative effect on their mental development.

It’s hard to say which side is winning at that point, but Facebook does have a lot of opposition. This battle is going to rage on in court for some time, so we won’t be seeing this app anytime soon.