The Blink Video Doorbell Offers Weather Resistant Security For $50

Blink Doorbell

Amazon is expanding its smart home security lineup with the announcement the Blink Video Doorbell. This is Blink’s first video doorbell product ever, and it’s available at a stunningly low price of $50. Surprisingly low for all the features it comes with when you consider it’s competing directly with Amazon’s other smart home brand – Ring.

The Blink Video Doorbell offers a multitude of features. Like night vision recording, Full HD resolution for captured video, chime alerts, and two-way audio. You can even connect it to your existing doorbell chime if you have one that you particularly like. All those features aside, it boasts another characteristic that many customers will no doubt love. It can be installed both wired or wire-free.

The Blink Video Doorbell is weather resistant and pairs with Alexa

Among the list of features, the doorbell was designed to be weather resistant. That way it doesn’t crap out on you if it gets pummeled with heavy rain and snow. It’s also compatible with Alexa. As is to be expected of just about any product that comes from Amazon these days.


As long as you have a compatible Echo or Fire device, you can ask Alexa to bring up video feeds of the doorbell at any time. Alexa will also alert you when the doorbell is pressed, and Amazon says you can pair it with a Sync Module.

On top of that, the doorbell is battery-powered and can last for up to two years. Though Amazon says that will vary depending on the device settings.

You’ll need to wire it up if you want to keep your existing doorbell chime

While it does allow you to use your existing chime, you have to go for the wired installation if you want to use it. Otherwise, you can set it up wire-free and use the Blink chime and chime alerts.


Amazon offers the Blink Video Doorbell in two different colors. Black and White. It also goes up for sale starting today, though some of the other new Blink products it pairs with are only available for pre-order. Namely the Blink Floodlight Camera and Solar Panel.

Blink Video Doorbell