[UPDATE: False Alarm]3.8 Billion Facebook & Clubhouse User Records Put On Sale: Report

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UPDATE: Clubhouse reached out to clarify that this wasn’t a breach of Clubhouse database Just to be clear, the alleged breach happened earlier in the year, but it wasn’t a breach at all, it seems. This data (that is being sold) is basically connected to that, but it seems to be all about scrapped, random data. In fact, these seem to be random phone numbers after all, as claimed earlier in the year.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: A new security report popped up online, and it doesn’t bring good news for Facebook and Clubhouse users. According to the CyberNews research team, 3.8 billion allegedly scraped and merged Facebook and Clubhouse user records have been put on sale online.

Billions of Facebook & Clubhouse user records are on sale

The source reports that a user on a popular hacker forum is selling this database. That database was allegedly “compiled by combining 3.8 billion phone numbers from previously-scraped Clubhouse “secret database“ with users’ Facebook profiles.”


So, you’re probably wondering what is included in this database. Well, it is reported to contain names, phone numbers, and various other non-specified data.

The user who is selling this database for $100,000, but is also willing to split the archive into smaller portions, and sell it in pieces, basically. Do note that this post was shared on September 4, but it’s coming to light now.

Do note that the CyberNews team says that it cannot confirm this database is genuine. Such breaches happened to Clubhouse before, though, as the source points out. Data from 1.3 million Clubhouse profiles ended up being shared online.


The source notes that this is a big deal, a big problem. This information can provide a lot more contextual information about the wonders of the leaked phones numbers. That info could include usernames, locations based on phone number suffixes, CLubhouse network sizes, and also Facebook profiles.

The database hasn’t been sold yet, at least not in its entirety

It seems like the database still hasn’t been sold, though. Well, at least the entire database hasn’t been sold, as the user is still looking for buyers.

If someone ends up getting your information, it could target you for phishing and other campaigns. Your phone number could also end up in the wrong hands. Luckily, it seems like passwords didn’t leak out, at least they weren’t mentioned.


If you’re afraid your data is affected, there’s a way to check that. You can use CyberNews’ personal data leak checker, to find out if your Facebook or Clubhouse data has been scrapped.

It’s also a good idea to keep your accounts private, and use very strong passwords, of course. Enabling two-factor authentication is always a good way to protect yourself as well.