The Best Video Editing Tool In 2021

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Learning the basics of video editing and production is a never-ending endeavor. You need the technical knowledge to utilize the tools and to take advantage of their capabilities. You also need a creative mind to utilize the appropriate set of tools and convey your thoughts properly.

Video editing and producing excellent content are the focal points that have led to the increasing popularity of video content. The video editing tools on the market have been rapidly expanding. With hundreds of choices, content producers are frequently confused about what tool to choose for their video editing requirements.

Therefore, in this post, we examine the InVideo video creation platform briefly and explore the host of possibilities that the tool unlocks.


Decoding the InVideo Video Editing Platform

InVideo is a feature-rich video editor that you can use to produce all kinds of video material. There are hundreds of pre-configured video templates which provide you creative flexibility in creating videos.

Before you create the content, you also have the option of customizing the aspect ratio of the video and this ensures that your video is adapted for the social media site you want to publish.

It is a cloud-based utility that may be used in any browser. This guarantees that all the video modifications are stored in real-time. By leveraging this online tool, you may work seamlessly with your team members on cutting-edge video editing projects.


Since the tool is entirely web-based, you don’t need to have a high-end computer as all the video processing happens on InVideo’s servers.

Brief Overview of InVideo’s Feature Set

InVideo is superior to most of the market’s other online video editing solutions. Here’s a look at its main characteristics:

  • InVideo offers more than 4000 video templates. The template collection enables you to create a video promptly, although you can always construct a movie from scratch.
  • Users have the ability to add textual material in several font sizes and styles after the template selection. InVideo offers several typeface quotation templates that you may explore. The text overlays assist to give your films a professional touch.
  • You have great flexibility of choice while editing footage on InVideo. InVideo has a wealth of media collection with a thousand pictures, video clips, stickers, GIFs, and audio files. Videos and other material may also be uploaded from your smartphone.
  • InVideo is the ideal tool for creating a video that supplements your blog or article. Here, you have the automatic video creation feature which creates a movie out of the text. You may also add the URL of an article and make a video from that tool.
  • You may change the speed of your video using InVideo. This allows specific portions of the video to be dramatized in slow motion. InVideo provides unparalleled accuracy when its fast merging function is used.
  • InVideo includes thematic visual effects, which make selecting simpler. Collages, masks, stickers, and many more sets of visual effects are available. The insertable forms make your video stand out in competing platforms for video sharing.
  • InVideo invites users to add video clips to their audio. The audio tools let you synchronize the audio and give the material a professional touch. The media library also has a wide selection of royalty-free music, which may be included in your film.
  • You may make movies in over 75 languages using InVideo. This is helpful for businesses that want to attract a wide audience demographic.

Types of Videos you Can Create Using InVideo

It is a flexible video editor that can be used for any video content requirements. The templates are classified according to industries and you simply need to enter a query in the search box in order to get the finest template.


Webinars, invites, COVID 19, brand promotions, listings, and video recordings are among InVideo’s most popular video templates. Because the UI is very simple, you can simply change templates to generate promotional material.

The program will prompt you to choose the aspect ratio at the start of your movie production adventure. This function is very helpful for content producers in the social media space. InVideo enables you to choose unique videos for your Facebook posts, Instagram stories, LinkedIn feed updates, and more.

The greatest aspect of the InVideo tool is that it’s not industry-specific. This allows you to utilize it as a complete solution to all your requirements for video editing. You acquire a flair for video templates after your first few videos. In a few minutes, you may produce high-quality videos.


Pricing Plans Offered by InVideo

Even InVideo’s free version allows you to make videos in any language and to access hundreds of video templates. Also, you may use the 24X7 chat help to support your video trip. All the videos you produce with the free version will nevertheless include the InVideo watermark.

You get access to all of the features of the free plan in the business plan. The price is $10 a month. Besides this, you may export up to 60 video clips in HD and limitless premium templates can be accessed. You are also allowed to resell the material and may use the video modified for business reasons.

The unlimited package is suited for companies requiring regular video production. You may export limitless clips here and utilize all the aforementioned capabilities. In addition, several members of your video editing team can cooperate and make it the ideal option for businesses.



A thorough assessment of InVideo’s capabilities reveals that this is one of the most flexible choices for contemporary tools. This basic interface makes it an excellent companion in the first days of your video trip. As you experience, you may utilize this tool to progressively produce films from scratch and make your personality a reality. InVideo provides real value for money for the feature set it offers.