The Best Basketball Mobile Games For Android

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There are now many different ways for NBA fans to enjoy their favorite sport on the move. With a huge range of basketball mobile games to choose from, you are almost certain to find one that suits you perfectly.

Basketball Battle

This arcade-style game is free to download but includes the offer of in-app purchases. You can move the characters around easily using simple controls and carry out moves like dunks and cross-overs. The app’s tournament play lets you travel to games in more than 100 courts across the country.

You can choose to play against human opponents in a split-screen game or else take part in live online events. Although the graphics in Basketball Battle are fairly basic, it is a fun game that should give you some basketball-style entertainment whenever you feel like it.


NBA 2K20

This is a surprisingly in-depth mobile NBA game that gives you plenty of different ways of playing. The MyPlayer content is particularly satisfying, as this is where you get to go from a college career all the way to the NBA as you gain skills and experience.

You can play against friends and in various different types of game, to keep it interesting. Choose between the current rosters and classic players including the best shooting guards in NBA history.

NBA 2K20 costs a few dollars to your Android device, but you should get plenty of fun out of it. The graphics are terrific and the gameplay is about as realistic as you could hope for on a mobile device.


NBA Live Mobile

Classed as the official NBA mobile game, this is an excellent app. You can download for free and then pay for in-app app purchases if you like it and want to explore it more fully. Build your idea of the best NBA team by selecting all of the league’s top stars to compete in a season under your control.

Real-time tournaments give you a chance to test your basketball skills against other players, while you can carry out cool moves like dunking and dribbling. Play in NBA games or in casual 3×3 mode, giving you different ways of enjoying this sport on your mobile. Look out for the regular events and things like Team of the Week and NBA Greats to get even more out of this game.

Dude Perfect 2

This massively popular basketball app brings a novel way of playing, as you are taken through a series of increasingly difficult levels where you need to try and make great shots in order to progress. The graphics are brilliant and you can choose to play as any of the dude characters you prefer.


There are now almost 200 levels to complete, leading you to float on parachutes, jump on trampolines, and break glass while aiming for the perfect shot. Follow your climb up the leaderboard to see how you compare to friends and family members who also play the game. It’s not got that much in common with the best NBA action, but it is a great way to pass some time.

Bouncy Basketball

This arcade game brings a light-hearted feel to the genre, as the incredibly simple controls let you start playing instantly and making shots that seemed impossible. Choose how you want to play, with a maximum of 4 periods of play that each last for 90 seconds to give a fast and frantic experience.

You get to see replays of the finest moments and there are special characters waiting for you to unlock them. It’s free to play, with advertising popping up on the screen now and then. Play against a CPU opponent or else challenge a human to a game and enjoy how the screen shakes with each dunk you make.