Behold! The Google Pixel 6 Pro In Silver

silver pixel 6 AH

Google has just updated the Pixel 6 listing on its store with a new image of the silver Pixel 6 Pro. It’s a high-resolution image showing the front and back of the phone, as you can see above.

We also know that this is the “Pro” model, as there are three cameras on the back. While the Pixel 6 only has two cameras.

It doesn’t really tell us a whole lot about the phone we didn’t already know. As it has that two-toned back, with a silver portion at the top and more of a white part for the rest of the phone. And of course, the black camera ribbon across the back. The front looks like it has a curved display, with a pretty small camera cut out too.


It also shows off a good amount of Material You, which is part of Android 12 – and that’s what the Pixel 6 series will launch on.

This update was done to keep people from buying the iPhone 13

Today is the Apple Event, where the company is going to announce the iPhone 13, among other things. And it’s quite clear that Google wanted to make sure that no one was tempted to jump from Android to iOS after the announcement today. Even using the tagline “Pixel 6 phones. What if different could be better?”

It’s also pretty ironic that Google decided to update the page today, on iPhone day. Considering the Pixel 6 series still has not been officially announced. And won’t be for another month.


All of these companies have subtle ways to try and take some coverage away from each other. Apple always announces its iPhone event during IFA, when everyone else is announcing their fall products. And Samsung and Google do different announcements during iPhone day to get attention from Apple. For example, Samsung announced Android 12 beta late last night for the Galaxy S21.