The Battlefield Mobile Beta Is Coming Up Fast & You Might Get In

Battlefield Mobile Beta

EA is poised to launch the open beta for its upcoming Battlefield Mobile game. In a recent post on the studio’s Answers HQ board, it notes that it will soon be starting up a testing phase. There are a few caveats though.

First, the open beta for Battlefield Mobile isn’t going to be globally available all at once. The opening of the beta for certain regions will start before others. But EA says it will continue to expand the beta with new regions over time. Riot has done a similar thing with League Of Legends: Wild Rift. Slowly expanding the beta to new regions.

In addition to regional availability, the beta will only be available on Android devices. So that means no players from iOS will be allowed to participate. At least in this first test.


The Battlefield Mobile open beta will start in the Philippines and Indonesia

For this first testing wave, EA is starting the beta for the game in the Philippines and Indonesia. The test will begin sometime this Fall, and EA is looking to roll out the beta to more players eventually. But for now, it’s limited to those two locations.

EA also mentions that future tests will expand in size. Which suggests that it’s planning to start small with how many players are allowed to participate, even if they are in one of the two supported regions. And balloon out from there.

None of this confirms that the US will ever be a test region either. And if it does come this way, it might not be for a while.

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EA will let you pre-register for a chance at future tests

Future beta tests will happen. It’s just a matter of when. To help alert potential players, EA is going to allow users to pre-register for the game on its respective stores. Just not right away.

The studio says that it won’t be putting up the pre-registration page until it’s ready to “go broader with testing.” So don’t look for the opportunity to sign up until down the road. The game will be free-to-play and feature micro transaction for cosmetic items only. The beta tests should reflect this. And will come with its own battle pass that allows players to climb ranks and unlock gear.

Though, it’s not clear if the beta will include the pass for players.