Android 12 Developer Preview 2 Finally Hits OnePlus 9 Phones

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Folks who have the OnePlus 9/9 Pro are patiently waiting for the company to deliver the next developer preview to their phones. Now, thanks to an update in the OnePlus forum, we know that the second Android 12 developer preview is finally making it to the OnePlus 9 phones.

The developer preview will bring a host of fixes and changes

OnePlus is far behind the curve with software updates nowadays. The Android 12 stable release is just around the corner, and OnePlus users are just now getting their second preview. This leaves us wondering when Android 12 will officially launch for OnePlus 9 phones.

As for the preview, there are a lot of optimizations and tweaks that should make the whole experience a bit smoother. As for system tweaks, the automatic brightness algorithm has been optimized to adapt to more scenes. The company also fixed the mistouch prevention for curved screen displays.


In the design department, the preview adds a new widget that displays key information about apps and provides a shortcut to access different functions. Page color and text have been optimized to make information stand out better.

The camera got some upgrades as well. A new feature lets you customize the order of the different camera modes. Along with that, the zoom function has been improved for a smoother zoom.

As for performance, OnePlus users are getting the app preload feature. This feature preloads frequently used apps so that they can be accessed quickly. Also, tools like WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC can be turned on and off quicker.


This Android 12 developer preview will also bring a few issues to the OnePlus 9 phones

Along with the list of improvements, there are also some known issues that users should be aware of. Some of the more prominent ones include the camera not supporting Xpan, not having the Hasselblad elements, and having some stability problems.

Both the Bluetooth and charging icons will display abnormally, some third-party apps won’t work on the platform, the Google phone app won’t have the call recording feature, and there will be no scrolling screenshot function. These are only some of the issues that could plague the developer preview, so be warned.

Using this developer preview could mess up your phone

It’s important to know that this is not a stable version of the software; it’s far from it, actually. The company recommends that you flash this on a secondary phone. You run the risk of bricking your phone if it’s not flashed properly.


This is by no means a way of getting Android 12 on OnePlus 9 phones, so if you don’t really know anything about software development, it’s best to just wait for the official release.