Android 12's 5th Beta Enables The Full Device Search Feature

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The Android 12 beta 5 download was released today and it enables a long-sought-after feature, the full device search. The feature has been present within Android 12 via an earlier beta build, but it’s never been a feature that was accessible to users. At least not one that worked.

As 9To5Google reports, the full device search was discovered earlier this year. Although back then it was merely a search bar that you could see but wouldn’t actually function. At the time though it was learned that Google would be implementing a way for users to search their entire device for content.

Including files, documents, apps, and more. And that was in addition to searching through results on Google. Should the user have wished to do so. Noting that users could “search their phone and more,” the full device search bar stared users in the face. Alluding to a feature on the horizon. That feature is finally here.


Full device search becomes available with Android 12 beta 5

If you’ve got a Pixel device or a partner device that supports the Android 12 beta, then you can check out this feature for yourself. For everyone else though, you’ll have to settle for reading about it for now.

With the use of this new search feature, users can search for just about anything the device is storing. For instance, you can search for contacts, conversations, shortcuts, settings, and Pixel Tips just to name a few things. In typical Google fashion you also get a little walkthrough that lays out the basics of the new full device search the first time you interact with it.

You can toggle keyboard pop-ups and more

The beauty of this search feature is that you can toggle stuff on and off. While it is possible to search just about everything the device holds, it doesn’t have to be that way.

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You can toggle things off like the keyboard pop-ups so you don’t see them when receiving your results. Furthermore, you can even toggle the results you get. The above-mentioned things you can search for including contacts, settings, and Pixel Tips are all toggles. Letting you personalize what results will surface when you use the device search. And, results appear in real-time.

If you’ve got a supported device, you can install Android 12 beta 5 right now.