An Among Us Clone Is Coming To Snapchat

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Social media platforms are finding new ways of adding excitement to their user experiences. Snapchat, also being guilty of this, has announced that the game, ReVamp, is coming to the platform. This was announced recently by the studio that’s developing it, Zynga.

Instead of gun-slinging aliens, the enemies are vampires

Anyone who’s familiar with Among Us will be able to understand the mechanics of ReVamp. It’s an online multiplayer game where you’re placed in some sort of building with a group of people. One of the people is secretly a vampire, and it’s up to you to find out who it is.

As the vampire, it’s your job to go around and surreptitiously pick off the other characters. You win the round if you eliminate all of the other players. However, if the other people finger you as the vampire, you will be disposed of.


ReVamp will bring the task system to Snapchat also

Based on the trailer that Zynga made, it looks like ReVamp will employ the task system that is present in Among Us. Basically, at the beginning of the round, you are given a laundry list of tasks that you have to perform. If all of the non-vampires finish their tasks before getting bitten, then the round will go to them.

An interesting twist that Zynga put on this mechanic is that you’re in a run-down mansion, and all of the tasks involve renovating it. Based on the report, doing this will help improve players’ chance of survival; it’ll be interesting to see what the developers mean by that.

Revamp will be exclusive to Snapchat

Don’t plan on getting this on your Switch, this will only be on Snapchat. Zynga signed a deal with Snapchat back in 2020 to develop games for the platform. This will be the third game that the studio has made for Snapchat (the other two are called Bumped Out and Tiny Royale), and it seems like it will be pretty involved.


Zynga has created a ton of mobile games including Toon Blast, CSR Racing, Empires & Puzzles, and Merge Dragons. You’ve undoubtedly seen ads for their games all across the internet.

It’s hard to tell what other similarities there will be between Among Us and ReVamp, as the game is still being developed. It’s also hard to tell if anyone will go for ReVamp; making a full game to be played on a social media platform is always a bold decision.

Snapchat is no stranger to experimenting with new things; its TikTok clone, Reels is evidence of that. It looks like this experiment will get more people on the platform.