Amazon Ring Alarm Pro Keeps Security Live, Even Offline

Ring Alarm Pro

Amazon-owned Ring and eero have now announced a brand new home and business security product dubbed Ring Alarm Pro. As the branding suggests, the new product is designed to build on standards set by the original Ring Alarm. With more features than ever, the new product is meant to take security to the next level. Even during power or internet outages.

What does Ring Alarm Pro bring to the table?

Now at its basest, Ring Alarm Pro is an all-in-one device that aids in keeping compatible home security devices connected. And that all starts with the built-in Wi-Fi 6 router, bringing the fastest speeds available to those devices with a more reliable connection. But it also comes with the new Ring Protect Pro subscription, expanding on that even further.

The new subscription effectively allows connected devices to stay online, even if the internet goes out. With 24/7 Backup Internet, subscribers get 3GB of cellular data per month for that purpose.


Moreover, that can be used beyond the smart home devices too. Amazon says that will allow recording up to 300 Ring videos or one-and-a-half hours of video streaming.  Or up to two hours of video calls made via a laptop, for example. Extra data comes on a per-GB basis at $3 per GB.

That’s setting aside access to optional professional monitoring, eero Secure features, and the Alexa Guard Plus hands-free emergency helpline.

Beyond the connectivity benefits, as with its predecessor, Ring Protect Pro and Ring Alarm Pro are modular. Bundles are available that enable the addition of other, related gadgets. For instance, users can keep the power going to the cconnected security devices too. Up to four Ring Power Packs can be stacked on to keep the Backup Internet service and more running even if the electricity quits. 


Additionally, Ring Alarm Pro comes with the ability to store and process videos locally, as opposed to in the cloud. With Ring Edge and an included 64GB microSD card inserted in Ring Alarm Pro, users can choose which cameras to store Ring video clips from locally.

Pricing and availability

In terms of pricing and availability, Amazon and Ring haven’t provided an exact shipping date. But the new Ring Alarm Pro and bundles are available starting today for pre-order. Those can be picked up at Ring or Amazon starting at $249.99. Ring Protect Pro is available starting at
$20 per month. The latter cost is a per location price.

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