Amazon Could Bring Wall-Mounted Echo Show, Alexa Soundbar, and More

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A new report sheds light on what’s in store for Amazon’s lineup of Alexa devices, and it’s quite impressive. Bloomberg reports (via) that the company is prepping multiple new devices for release, including an Alexa Soundbar.

First up, Amazon will launch a larger version of the Echo Show, possibly with a 15-inch display. This device will reportedly have wall-mounting capabilities. This wall-mounted Echo will offer the same functionality as the smaller Echo Show, the report claims.

This new device will also offer kitchen-friendly features including the ability to learn recipes or watch Netflix. Naturally, this supersized version of the Echo Show will also serve as a control unit for your smart home devices.


Amazon will likely cancel the rumored Echo Robot and Karaoke with Alexa

Next on Amazon’s pipeline could be an Alexa Soundbar. The company is believed to be developing a soundbar with Alexa support and a camera for video calls. This concept sounds somewhat similar to Facebook Portal, though the form factor could be different.

The Amazon Echo Auto is also getting an update according to the report. The second-gen variant will reportedly include the ability to charge phones using “inductive technology.”

Meanwhile, Amazon’s previously rumored Karaoke with Alexa and the Echo Robot could be all but canceled. Bloomberg reports that the team behind the Karaoke feature is no longer working on it. As for the Alexa-powered Echo Robot, Amazon’s internal team has reportedly raised viability-related concerns about the device.


Since these are only rumors right now, there’s no telling when Amazon will bring these products to the market. The wall-mounted Echo Show and the Alexa-powered Soundbar could be the first to launch. On the other hand, it’s also likely that Amazon will change course and cancel these devices altogether.

Alexa has evolved a great deal since it first launched several years ago. Amazon recently sent out an update for its smart speakers, calling it Adaptive Volume. Users simply have to say “Alexa, turn on adaptive volume” to turn on this feature.

Customers can also ensure Alexa adjusts to quieter environments with a command to turn on whisper mode. Another recent update allowed users to set custom phrases for Alexa routines, even if it’s in another language. Users can set up to seven custom phrases for a single automation routine.