A New Snore Detection Feature Is Coming To Fitbit Watches

Fitbit Sense

There seems to be no limit to the bodily functions that our mobile devices can detect. Fitbit recently announced that it was going to be adding a snore detection feature to its Sense and Versa 3 fitness trackers. News of this new update comes to us from 9To5Google.

With the snore detection feature, Fitbit will tell how much you snore at night

During the night, your Fitbit watch will be using the onboard microphone to listen for snoring, and relay that information to the Fitbit app. The watch will listen to the ambient noise going on in your room, then, it will check for “snore specific sounds.”

From there, the app will have a good idea of how much you snore and if there are any noises keeping you from sleeping soundly. When you wake up in the morning, you will get a report of how much you were snoring throughout the night. It grades your snoring as either none to mild (if you snored for 0-10% of your sleep), moderate (10-40%), and frequent (40%+).


This feature might not work the best under certain circumstances

Since this is AI-driven, there’s always a margin of error. The app will have trouble differentiating your snoring from someone else’s. If you have a partner who also snores, their snoring might mess with your data, giving you an inaccurate report.

Also, if the ambient noise in your room is louder than your actual snoring, then the app might not register your snores at all. Because of this, Fitbit recommends that you sleep without any sounds playing in the background. People sometimes use nature sounds or white noise to get to sleep.

Be prepared to charge your fitness tracker before bed

As anyone may guess, running this over the night will have an impact on your battery. This is why Fitbit recommends that you have your watch charged up to at least 40% before going to bed. The microphone isn’t being driven constantly; it takes a measurement every couple of seconds. Regardless, you’ll want to charge your watch before and after you sleep.


Nothing is free, and neither is this feature

Folks who want to track their snoring will have to shell out money every month to do so. As this is part of Fitbit Premium and you’ll need to subscribe to that if you want access to the Snore Detection. It seems like it will be a nice feature to have if you’re curious about how much you snore at night.

The snore detection feature is something that should help Fitbit compete with watches from other companies like Samsung. The update is currently rolling out to users, so if you haven’t gotten it yet, keep an eye out.