8 Best Study Apps For College Students

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Studies have been a nightmare for students. It is not only because of learning problems but also due to lack of management. It is rare to find students who have managed themselves so well that they can work things best. Most of the time, students are worried about their academic careers. It is because of a lack of planning, management, and assistance.

These apps are not only coming up with the teaching or learning assistance but also overall learning management. We have some valuable and helpful study apps for college students that can change their lives. It is fun to explore these apps.

Blackboard app

When students are worried about their learning programs and management, this app comes into action. It is an intelligent phone-based learning management system app that lets you access your coursework for in-person and online classes. Along with the content, you can view the assignments, quizzes, grades, and much more.


The system works for the classes, and teachers can organize the overall class activities using this app. When a college does not have a learning management system, this cap psi is the best aid.

EssayShark app

Got tired of doing assignments on your own? This essay writing app will relieve your pain. EssayShark is a well known academic assistance service which has been offering their help since 2011.

Over 200 professional writers in different fields of study are ready to help with your homework. Their average quality score is quite impressive, especially that their prices are as low as possible in comparison to other service providers.


You can feel safe using the service due to their Revision Policy and Money Back Guarantee, and even if there is any issue with your order, you will get professional 24/7 help through online chat or over the phone.


Learning new languages is helpful for students. It is always fun and opens up new opportunities for the students as well. Duolingo comes with pre-recorded lessons for more than 35 languages. You can speak, read, write, listen, increase vocabulary and learn grammar from the app as well.

It turns out to be a composite language-learning program. You do not have to enroll in any specific college but to learn the language on your own. Students who find it hard to do their language courses can take help from the app easily.


Canvas student

It is another learning management system that turns out to be helpful in course management. Students can see the course details, assessments, quizzes, results, discussions, and much more. For teachers, it seems a priceless tool to manage their class.

With one click and using a single platform, it is possible to address all students. It is a helpful and worthy app that you can use to make student management easier.


Notes-taking and task management are not a big deal for you anymore with this app. The app offers you smart note-taking and task management. Moreover, you can synchronize these notes to other devices you are using.


It helps you to digitalize the printed notes using a mobile camera and save them to your phone. The app is available in this free version and paid versions as well. To unlock more features than regular ones, you can get the paid subscriptions.

Google Drive

Many students have issues with their notes and assignment access. They are unable to access the messages when they do not have their devices. Google Drive solves the problem. It lets you create documents, sheets, presentations, and more using the app.

All these files are shareable, editable, and remarkable for collaboration. Even a group of friends can work on a single file at a time. It makes collaboration learning easier and opens up several possibilities for students.



Citations and references in the assignments are a big deal. Research work requires perfect citation and referencing. Knowing all citation formats and putting references accordingly is a big task. You might not be able to do it on your own.

However, Mendeley offers you limitless access to the feature. Using one app, you can add citations and references to documents. It gives you perfect sync to many devices and accesses the records anytime. The app is available in free and paid versions for advanced features.


The app helps prepare for quizzes and exams. You can create your decks with flashcards having questions. A time-based play allows you to answer the questions immediately. For quick memorization, it is one of the helpful apps.


You can create different decks at a time for each subject. The app is available in free and paid versions. You can get the paid version to unlock more possibilities with the app.

Final verdict

These study apps are an excellent resource for you to have. These must-have apps do good to make your study simple, easy and effective. From managing your courses to come up with effective results, these are a great help.

Make sure to have the access and needed apps from the list on your phone and use them. Eventually, you can record your progress with the help of these apps and come up with practical outcomes.