Should Google's New Features Announcement Influence Whether You Get An Android Phone For Business?

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Phone communications are almost certainly integral to your business, no matter what kind of company you run. Perhaps you’re at the point where you’re thinking about whether to upgrade your phone, and some Android models are high on the list.

Google recently announced some forthcoming Android features that may make you more interested in choosing that operating system. However, it’s best to take an all-encompassing look at why you need a business smartphone and what you hope to accomplish with the device.

Smartphones Support Mobile Working

One of the main drivers for purchasing an Android for business reasons is the flexibility it could provide. Thanks to the wide availability of cloud-based phone systems, you can stay productive and keep taking calls without staying near your desk. These cloud systems allow an employee to have a business phone number to use on their personal smartphone. It’s also possible to record call metrics that show how long they spend with clients.


Another primary perk is that cloud systems can simultaneously ring multiple phones. Imagine that you have both an office phone and a smartphone. When calls come in, both devices will give notifications of them, so that you can start communicating regardless of your location.

As you weigh the pros and cons of getting a new Android smartphone for work reasons, consider how often you usually get called from your desk to handle an issue or are otherwise on the go throughout the workday. If such situations happen frequently, you could have a highly justifiable reason to treat yourself to a new gadget.

Google Makes It Easier To Remember Tasks

Many people have dozens of things they must accomplish in a typical day, and the number almost certainly rises for individuals who own or run businesses. One of Google’s newly announced features that’s particularly applicable to people with perpetually busy schedules is the Reminders upgrade.


It lets people launch their existing reminders with a voice prompt. They’ll then see all of them in one place for convenience. Once Google learns the details of things perceived as repeating events, it’ll suggest making helpful edits to those reminders with one tap. Doing that helps Android users stay on top of things they may otherwise forget.

Besides the new Reminder features, the other upcoming Android updates include a Locked Folder feature for photos and videos. Plus, there are improved visibility settings for Nearby Share, giving you more control over which parties in your proximity can connect to your device for file-sharing purposes.

Communicate Only with Legitimate Businesses

Google is bringing a useful feature for Android users called “Verified Calls”. In addition to Google’s Verified SMS System for the text messages, now it’ll be easier to identify spam callers too.


The feature will show the caller’s name, profession, brand logo and reasons why they’re calling you. Additionally, there will be a Google verified symbol, so you can know whether it’s a fake or legitimate business call.

Research showed that the US customers received almost 60 billion unwanted calls in 2019. Therefore, Google has invented this way to locate spam callers. It lets the authorized businesses to sign up on this platform, share their information, send customers’ numbers and reasons about calling them.

Once they make a call, Google will send this information on the Android device via the Google Phone app. Android will compare the information with the information at Google’s server. If they matched, the phone will display the call as verified on the screen.


The Hype Cycle Affects Purchasing Decisions

As smartphone manufacturers aim to get people interested in the latest models, they understandably focus on the most high-tech features of those newest offerings. Eventually, people often conclude that their current phones are no longer the best options, even if those devices still work well. That’s a short breakdown of a phenomenon called the hype cycle. People get caught up in the buzz that a new phone brings and often decide they can’t do without it.

There’s nothing wrong with that in most cases, but when you’re buying your phone for business reasons, it’s crucial to look beyond the hype. Get started by asking yourself some specific questions about your device.

For example, are you deeply dissatisfied with your phone for reasons that a new gadget would solve? If so, that’s a valid reason to research the latest Androids or other options to see what else is out there. Additionally, if your current model is so outdated that you can no longer download and install the latest security updates, failing to upgrade soon could put your company and reputation at risk.


There’s no universal answer to whether you should buy an Android for business reasons. However, the matters discussed here should give valuable food for thought.