YouTube Will Now Show Video Chapters In Search Results

YouTube AH NS 05

According to a new official blog, YouTube is adding a convenient and nifty feature to its app. Notably, with the new update, YouTube will show video chapters right in search results.

This feature would make it easier for users to jump exactly to the part of the video they want to see. This could come in handy if you are looking to fix something, or want to know particular information about something.

Notably, with the help of this new YouTube video chapter feature right in the search results, you won’t need to slide the seek bar and look for the particular part of the video.


You will be able to see the chapters from a search, making it easy to jump to a certain part of the video you are interested in. The YouTube video chapters feature is not new, but it was visible only when the viewer opens the video.

With the new update, users will see chapters right in the search results. It will also include a time-stamped thumbnail for each chapter, giving more detail about the content.

Simply you need to click on the chapter to begin loading the exact part of the video which you are looking for.


YouTube is also adding video previews that will show a short clip of the video before you play it

Along with adding chapters in search results, YouTube is also adding a video previews feature. It will show a short clip of the video before you tap on it and play it.

Apparently, this feature was spotted working on the desktop app of YouTube, when you hover the mouse cursor onto the video. YouTube says that it will roll out this feature for the mobile app in the coming days, but it did not reveal the exact date.

Another feature that is coming with the new update is the ability to show videos with automatically translated captions. If you cannot find a video in your local language, then YouTube will be there to help.


It will automatically translate captions, titles, and descriptions in search results. This will make it easier to view the foreign language content in your local language.

The feature is currently available in English, but YouTube aims to bring this feature into more languages in the future. It is currently under testing for mobile devices in India and Indonesia, with more locations to be added soon.

The company is also experimenting with features such as adding website links from Google search to YouTube search results. The exact availability date is not known at the moment.