YouTube Makes It Easier To Skip Video Chapters With New Gesture

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YouTube for Android is picking up a handy new gesture: the ability to jump to the previous or next chapter in a video with a two-finger double-tap. Spotted by Redditor u/magnatronmusic31 (via Android Police), it makes skipping video chapters all the more convenient and faster.

According to the report, double-tapping with two fingers on the right side of the screen takes you to the next chapter of the video that’s currently playing. And if you perform the same gesture on the left side of the screen, you will go back to the previous chapter. It works better if you’re watching the video in landscape screen orientation. It’s harder to double-tap with two fingers on the compact YouTube player window in portrait orientation.

Of course, the video you’re watching must have chapters embedded for this gesture to work. But if the creator has added the proper timestamps, it’s a handy new feature to have at your disposal. You might be already aware that a double-tap with only one finger lets you skip 10 seconds in a video, both in forward and reverse directions.


YouTube picks a neat gesture to skip video chapters

This is the second new gesture YouTube for Android has gained over the past few days. Last week, the ultra-popular video streaming service rolled out the ability to scrub to a particular point in a video with a drag gesture anywhere on the screen.

YouTube last year removed the ability to skip to any point in a video by tapping on the progress bar. The company said it made the changes because of complaints of accidental touches. Instead, it required users to tap and hold the progress bar to scrub through the video. But you first need to bring up the progress bar by tapping on the screen. The new gesture makes things easier as you can now tap and hold anywhere on the screen to scrub through the video.

The latest double-tap gesture for skipping chapters now adds another neat new ability to YouTube. Much like the scrub gesture, it is also rolling out over a server-side update. It should be live for you in the coming days if it hasn’t already. Some users are reportedly able to use the new gesture on YouTube version 16.31.35 beta. You might want to update the app to the latest available version to maximize your chances of getting it earlier. Click the link below to see if there’s an update available in the Google Play Store.