YouTube Rolls Out Line Icons For Android TV Player

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After rolling out the line icons for Android and iOS apps, YouTube is now pushing the line icons to Android TV.

YouTube is everyone’s favorite video streaming app. People spend a lot of time consuming YouTube content, whether they are at the Airport, at work, or relaxing on their couch.

Over the years, YouTube has witnessed a huge increase in viewers who stream content on the Android TV player. Content creators have also upped their level, and there are tons of high-quality cinema-like footage available on YouTube.


And to do justice to the creator’s content, it is preferable to watch the content on YouTube Android TV player. YouTube has also undergone several design updates, and the latest one is the introduction of line icons.

According to a report by 9to5Google, new line icons started to appear for YouTube Android TV users over the past few months. As mentioned, it first arrives on the mobile apps, and now slowly reaching out to the Android TV version.

It is a subtle tweak and brings some sort of modern look to the interface. There is a chance it may have arrived for your TV, but you haven’t noticed it yet.


YouTube now also has a direct video resolution and framerate indicator

Previously, the icons were white and bold, not giving you much information. However, the new line icons are simple, yet they provide a good amount of information such as video resolution and framerate.

Yes! along with the refreshed interface, the YouTube Android TV player has also got a quality indicator. It will show labels on top of the icons, showing you the current resolution of the streaming video.

This negates the need of opening the resolution menu. Notably, it will come in handy for users who have an OLED 4K or 8K panel, sitting in their homes. Now, they do not need to open the menu and fiddle with the options to set the highest resolution.


Some may find a downside attached to the new icons, as noted by 9to5Google. Apparently, the icons may not be properly visible to users who have a high-resolution, let’s say 4K or 8K TV.

Well, that’s about it with the changes that YouTube has introduced to its Android TV player. Moreover, as the new line icons rollout is going in full swing, YouTube’s transition into the new look is finally complete.

If the new line icons haven’t appeared for you, then you can check if you are running the latest version of the YouTube Android TV app or not from the Play Store.


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