You Won't See Another YouTube TV Price Hike In The Near Future

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YouTube TV is a great way to watch live TV, without being tied to a cable company, but in recent years, it has almost doubled in price. From a starting price of $35, to now $64.99. Luckily, for YouTube TV customers, you won’t be seeing a price hike in the “near term” according to Neal Mohan, the chief product officer at YouTube.

Mohan was speaking with Nilay Patel on The Verge’s Decoder podcast this week, and talked quite a bit about YouTube TV. And its price increases. Mohan mentioned that the price hikes are due to the “economic realities of how content pricing works and the like”. Mohan also noted that the new channel additions are usually user requested.

Toward the end of the segment about YouTube TV, Mohan mentioned that there’s “not another price hike or anything in the near term”. So that’s good news for YouTube TV users. But, we don’t know what Mohan’s definition of “near term” is.


Google will work more on add-ons for YouTube TV

Before the last price hike, Google didn’t have many add-ons. It was mostly just premium networks like HBO MAX, STARZ, Showtime and the like. But since then, Google has added a number of other add-ons for YouTube TV. Google sees it as a way “to give users the flexibility of what else they’re looking for in the package”. And sometimes it ends up being cheaper than if they were to buy them all individually. For example, the Entertainment Plus package that includes HBO Max, Showtime and Starz for $29.99 is cheaper than buying them all individually, that would cost you almost $35 per month.

There are other bundles available, like the Sports Plus and 4K Plus. It wouldn’t be too crazy to see even more of these add-ons coming in the near future. As YouTube TV wants to make sure it has everything that everyone wants.