You Will See Pixel 6 Ads Everywhere This Fall

pixel 6 3

Ironically, Google has had a tough time marketing its Pixel smartphones.

It’s ironic because Google is a marketing company, making over 95% of its revenue from ads. But that is set to change with the Pixel 6.

As many of us have said, after seeing some of the leaks of the Pixel 6 over the past few weeks, it looks like Google is finally getting serious about hardware. And today’s announcements show that.


Google’s hardware chief, Rick Osterloh, stated that they will “invest a lot in marketing” for the Pixel 6. And we also heard from Google’s CFO during their earnings call last week that they will be spending a lot on marketing and advertising in the later part of the year.

This is good news, as it is going to make the Pixel 6 penetrate the market even more so than previous Pixel smartphones.

Marketing was always the Pixel’s biggest problem

While each Pixel smartphone had their own reason for not selling that well, each one had one main problem. And that was marketing. We’ve talked about it a lot here at AndroidHeadlines behind the scenes. But if Google marketed the Pixel more, it would have sold a lot more. This is because, despite being around since 2016, the Pixel is still relatively unknown.


Of course, part of that was due to it only being on Verizon for a few years. But it is now on all three US carriers. And the Pixel 6 will likely be the same.

Marketing is also how Samsung became such a big player in the Android space. Anyone remember those ads Samsung made about the iPhone? That is a big reason why Samsung became the number one smartphone maker in the world. And continues to hold onto that spot. Of course, another reason is the number of phones it makes. If Google adds in just a little bit of marketing, it could go a long way for Google. And it looks like the Pixel 6 is where Google is finally getting serious about its smartphones.