You Might Be Able To Watch Videos Ad-Free With YouTube Premium Lite

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YouTube has its suite of exclusive services that grant users access to certain experiences. The company is now testing a feature called YouTube Premium Lite. It’s only available to test out in European countries at the moment.

YouTube Premium Lite brings the most sought-after feature to users

Right now, YouTube premium proper costs $11.99 for individuals. With that, you get ad-free video viewing, background video playing, access to Youtube originals, and the ability to download videos for offline playback. You also get a subscription to YouTube Music thrown in.

With YouTube premium Lite, you get the ad-free feature, and that’s it. Right now, it’s being tested out in Europe for the price of €6.99. This feature was first reported by a user on Resetera, a popular video gaming forum. The user said that she wanted to cancel her subscription, but Google then notified her about the Lite version.


This shows that of the features that YouTube premium offers, ad-free video watching is the most popular. That makes sense because before the service came along, ads had been (and still are) a major roadblock to a fun video-watching experience.

This plan should be a hot seller to those who watch YouTube videos all the time. Those 5-15 second videos before their favorite Markiplier videos or could really kill the whole experience.

Speaking of YouTube and money, the new ‘Super Thanks’ feature just hit the platform

During YouTube live streams, you have the ability to send Super Chats. With these, you send money to the creator and you have your comments highlighted. Now, with the Super Thanks feature, you can do the same thing with uploaded videos. With Super Thanks, your comment will be pushed to the top of the pile with a balloon animation playing.


This is another way of supporting your favorite creators. Creators usually receive money from YouTube by ad revenue or monthly memberships. The Super Thanks feature could be good for people who don’t want to bother with subscriptions or going to external services like Patreon or Ko-Fi.

The creators will be receiving most of the money they accrue. YouTube will take a hefty 30% chunk out of the income for iOS users. We don’t have any word on how much will be taken from donations via the Android app. The 30% cut is on par for Apple, as they take 30% of the income from all apps on the App Store.

If you are a creator who wants to receive Super Thanks, there might be some barriers. Anyone who knows YouTube knows that there are always view and subscriber minimums that need to be reached to do anything, really. When the feature launches in full, you should read about the requirements.