Xiaomi Developing A Phone With Photochromic / Electrochromic Back

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Xiaomi is developing a phone with a photochromic / electrochromic back. This information comes from Digital Chat Station, a well-known Chinese tipster. He shared the info via his official Weibo account.

Xiaomi is testing a phone with photochromic / electrochromic back

The tipster actually says that Xiaomi is in the testing phase already, which means this phone could be close to release than we thought. Now, it seems like Xiaomi will either go with photochromic or electrochromic technology.

What’s the difference? Well, the Vivo S10, for example, uses a photochromic back, It changes the color completely based on how the sun hits the device. This change happens thanks to ultraviolet rays from the sun.


Electrochromic technology is something completely different. If you remember the OnePlus Concept One, you have a pretty good idea of what it is. The color can change when a certain amount of voltage is pushed through that piece of glass.

The electrochromic back can, as was the case on the OnePlus Concept One, hide the cameras, for example. Then, when you fire up the camera app, it can reveal them by pushing some electricity through the electrochromic glass.

The electrochromic back would definitely be a more interesting choice

Electrochromic glass definitely sounds like a more viable solution for making something useful. Xiaomi may be looking to hide the rear camera setup like OnePlus, perhaps. On the flip side, this could be just a design thing, to change the colors of the backplate and so on.


We don’t have any specific details for the time being. We don’t even know if this is an entry-level device, mid-ranger, or a high-end model. In fact, this phone may never see the light of day either, as it’s currently in the testing phase.

If Xiaomi does end up announcing the device, chances are it will arrive to China first. It may even stay exclusive to China, Xiaomi doesn’t push every single phone to global markets. So, there are a lot of questions surrounding this phone at the moment, and very few answers.