WhatsApp Is Finally Adding A Message Reactions Feature

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WhatsApp is preparing to add a new messaging feature: message reactions. Well, it’s not really a new messaging feature as many other services like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Signal, Twitter, iMessage, and Slack already offer this ability. But WhatsApp has been missing it all this while. Perhaps it still does. But the folks over at WABetainfo have discovered that the ultra-popular Facebook-owned messaging app is finally working on it.

Once available, the feature should work like on any other platform, i.e. let users react to messages the other party has sent with an emoji. Currently, if you want to react to a message on WhatsApp, you need to quote it and send a reply with an emoji. The upcoming feature will simplify things.

The screenshot shared by the publication suggests that both parties need to have the updated WhatsApp version installed to be able to send and receive message reactions, which is obvious, to be honest. If someone reacts to your message and you don’t have the new WhatsApp version installed, the app will prompt you to update it.


“You received a reaction. Update your version of WhatsApp to see reactions,” the prompt message will read, along with an Update WhatsApp button. Similarly, you’ll need a supported version of the app to be able to react to messages. The other party will see the same prompt if they’re on an older, unsupported version. You get the gist.

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WhatsApp has added a plethora of new features recently

WhatsApp lost many users to rival services like Signal and Telegram earlier this year after its parent company Facebook announced a new privacy policy that allows it to collect user data from the messaging app. The decision even attracted regulatory scrutiny in some regions.


But aside from this, WhatsApp has been frequently adding new features recently as it tries to lure more users to the platform. Disappearing messages, multi-device support, and view-once photos are a few to name. Some new features are still in development or testing while some are starting to roll out to users.

Message reactions is another handy new feature coming to WhatsApp. That said, this feature is still in the early stages of development, the new report suggests. So we might be still months away from it. It could be available to beta testers in the coming months followed by a public rollout. We will let you know as and when we have more information.