Are US Online Casinos Apps Optimized For Android Devices?

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With US online casino apps surging in popularity over the last few years, the question of their security, optimization, as well as other features that they bring has been placed in the foreground. And this is not only the question of functionality but also aesthetics and quality.

In most cases, there are 3 questions when it comes to app optimization on Android:

  1. Screen size
  2. APU strength
  3. Available RAM

And, when it comes to online casino apps the developers are forced not to focus on the flagship models from Google or Samsung but to make games that would look good on an average and even sub-average phones.


If we look through the best USA online casinos discovered here, we will be able to find options between good games. And, contrary to the big Android games being published today, these don’t have nearly as high requirements.

Android is Hard to Optimize Completely

It is impossible not to compare Android devices and games with the ones we can find with Android’s biggest competitor, iOS. Even without a deep understanding of hardware, we can notice that some numbers don’t bring in the same results.

Even a mid-range Android smartphone will have similar hardware capabilities to the flagship iOS devices, but won’t have nearly the same results.


This is because the Android platform is spread through dozens of types of devices, ranging from small screens to tablets and with just as many manufacturers and brands. On the other hand, iOS is optimized only for Apple devices and doesn’t need to think about different screen sizes.

This becomes an even bigger issue with games, as even a small change in screen size or ratio can scramble the game and make it harder for it to work. Here, developers need to use tricks that will hide the fact that they didn’t consider your specific device.

Additionally, when it comes to gambling games where the volume of players is everything, the game can’t be optimized for the Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy series. The developers need to make the games work on phones and tablets that were mid-range several years ago.


This might be strange for a Western consumer, but we need to remember that Android didn’t become the biggest platform in the world because of Europe or the US, but due to the skyrocketing market in Africa and South-Eastern Asia.

Better Graphics with Fewer Hardware Demands

Thankfully, all games including those that focus on honest gambling instead of loot boxes, have two forces that work in tandem to make everything better.

On one side we have the ever-increasing hardware capabilities of smartphones. The modern flagship phone has an equivalent power of a good desktop PC from roughly 15 years ago, which was unthinkable in the past.


On the other side, developers are always finding ways to further optimize software by simplifying the code and making everything run more smoothly. Tough solutions from a decade ago are now simple fixes that are usually done automatically with known tools.

The final result is better apps and games that run smoother even on aging devices. And, it leaves even more space for new games to introduce new mechanics and options that weren’t possible with the old hardware and techniques.

The Market is Pushing Advancements

In every industry, including Android apps, the demands of the customers are what drive everything forward. Nobody wants to see the same thing over and over again and even your favorite game will become stale after a while.


Because of this push, there is a constant struggle to make everything bigger and better. The same goes for online casino apps as well as productivity apps. You want to have more options and to have everything packaged in better graphics.

For casino apps specifically, this means better mechanics and vastly improved graphics. Where once ‘’slot games’’ were simple spinners that were emulating what you might see on a machine, now there are complex games with bonuses, actions, and even RPG elements.

The goal is still the same, make three fruits fall into the same line. But, it has been proven that players prefer to have some influence over the game even if that game would yield smaller wins. This is the same logic as with pulling the lever in a casino to a certain amount thinking that it will spin differently.


Things Will Only Get Better

The rate at which technology is expanding means that everything will only become better as time progresses. While we might be seeing the logical end as far as screen size goes, foldable phones are just starting and will probably be the next big thing in that regard.

This means a new advancement on what we can expect with games, including online casino apps. For those who prefer the games of chance over those of pure skill it will only become a question if you can find the best operator and what will they offer to you if you want to start playing with their service.