Twitter Updates Its Site & App Aesthetics, Voice-Changing In Spaces

Twitter AH NS 05

It’s no secret that Twitter has been working on some significant changes in its app and online interfaces. Some of which are already being given the ax. But it’s the minor changes that may make the most difference. And the most recent of those updates, as highlighted in recent reports and tweeted out by the company, apply to the aesthetics of the main Twitter app and website and the usability of its Clubhouse-like Spaces experience.

What’s going on with Twitter and Spaces updates?

Now, Spaces is a Twitter feature found in the Android app that functions as a kind of audio chatroom for end-users. Or as a meeting space for presentations and more. And it’s the latter front the company indicates it wants to help end-users.

The company says that it understands how users can sometimes feel uncomfortable because of how their voices sound. And, to address that, it’s introducing new effects that are both fun and useful. With the specific goal in mind of helping end-users communicate more comfortably and effectively.


The company is also introducing changes that are more noticeable to the wider userbase. Specifically, via the introduction of UI changes that begin with the introduction of its new Chirp typeface. Twitter says the new font is better at aligning the text in Tweets — at least in Western languages. And, as a result, it makes those Tweets easier to read.

Beyond that, the company is changing the way it uses color on the site and in the app. With less blue and better contrast, the company indicates that users will be better able to see icons, images, and other elements frequently used in posts. Better still, the company plans to roll out additional changes in the future that let users customize the colors that are still in use in the interface.

You should already notice these changes

Twitter’s updates for Spaces and its main app and site are, of course, rolling out right now. So users will want to update their apps to see what’s different. The alterations also appear to be landing on every platform supported by the service, so desktop users won’t be left out either.