Top Ten Android Deals: August 2021 Edition

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Everyone likes a bargain, and the internet is bursting with promotions. The only difficulty is finding the best one at the right time. Here, we’ve scoured the world wide web for the best online deals for Android, whether you’re looking for a new phone, a novel gaming experience, discounted shopping or even a great night out. Here’s our top ten.

1) Phone deals

If you’re in the market for a new handset, this is undoubtedly the time to buy. As far as unlocked handsets are concerned, Amazon is currently offering up to $81 off the new OnePlus. That brings the price down below $650, which is the best deal we’ve seen. If it’s Samsung or nothing for you, check out B&H, where there’s a limited time discount of $260 on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.


2) Bargain data

Wireless providers are always offering better deals and data plans, so part of the strategy here is to avoid getting yourself tied down for too long. For that reason, we’ve avoided looking at the contract deals, and have focused on the best monthly prices. If economy is important, Tello will charge just $10 for a gigabyte of data – free calls make this a compelling deal, but if you use mobile data every day, that single gigabyte will soon be gone. For unlimited data, Visible’s $40 per month rate is hard to beat.

3) Shopping discounts


The tradition of discount store vouchers meets the mobile internet age when you install apps like Jet.com on your Android. It’s essentially like having a Walmart discount booklet right there on your phone, but with the added benefit of price matching against other stores. Right now, there are extra special deals to be found on gadgets like LED strip lights and drones. However, this really is a site where you can find anything and everything.

4) Casino coupons

We’ve mentioned before that casino gaming has enjoyed a surge in popularity over the past year or so. It’s led to a bustling and competitive market, so unsurprisingly, there are lots of special deals and promos out there. We found hundreds of mobile casino bonus deals at NoDepositWorld.com that work on most Android devices. Choosing the most appropriate one depends on your location and the types of games you prefer. It’s well worth taking a few minutes to scroll through the choices.


5) Free games

Prefer your gaming to be of the more traditional variety with no money resting on it? That’s fine too, and no money means just that with some of the cool free game offers available this month. Again, it depends on the type of games you prefer, but some titles that jumped out and are worth searching for in Google Play include Code Racer (racing game), Box it Up (puzzle), Void Tyrant (strategy) and PewPew Live (a fabulous retro-style shooter).

6) Food offers


If all that shopping and gaming has made you hungry, here’s some more good news for you. Your Android can be your gateway to free and discounted food. These range from specialist suppliers like Panera, who will provide free coffee all summer when you download their app to crowd pleasers like Burger King, who have a constantly changing list of special deals that are exclusive to app users.

7) Great nights out

We are all just starting to rediscover what a night out is all about, and it’s a great experience. Your Android can help you find the best deals in your area. There are a few apps that are invaluable here, but a must-have for music lovers is BandsInTown. It does exactly what it says on the tin, telling you who’s playing and where within a set radius of your location. It will even give you the latest on ticket availability and has access to some excellent last minute deals. It’s great for discovering something a little new, so go with its suggestions and prepare to broaden your horizons.


8) Travel deals

Travel has been a sore point lately, but with the world slowly returning to normal, the travel agents are eager to get us moving again. Skyscanner has always been one of the most popular travel apps for Android, and with good reason. It’s super-flexible, allowing you to mix different carriers and showing the carbon emissions for those who don’t just measure the cost of travel in terms of dollars and cents.

9) Easy insurance


Car insurance apps are rapidly overtaking traditional paper policies, and not before time. It would be inappropriate for us to comment on the best deals here, as each policy has specific features, and we all have different needs. However, what we can say is that some carriers are leading the way on the tech side. Allstate, Esurance and Geico are among the front runners here. Their mobile apps add genuine value thanks to extra features like driving data and quick claim submission.

10) Car hire

On the subject of cars, if you don’t own and insure your own, the chances are you need a rental from time to time. The major providers all have their own apps, of course, and like hotels and airlines it is always worth joining the loyalty scheme. However, an app like Zipcar makes even more sense. It will automatically find you the best deal and offers supreme flexibility, whether you need a car for an hour or a month.