T-Mobile Tries To Downplay Its 4th Major Hack In As Many Years

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Stop us if you’ve heard this before: T-Mobile was hacked.

Earlier this week we heard that T-Mobile was hacked, and about 100 million customers data was breached. In case you didn’t know, that means that all of T-Mobile’s customers data was breached. However, T-Mobile has now released information on its investigation into this data breach, and states that “just over 40 million” postpaid customers had their data breached.

This information that was stolen includes names, addresses, birthdates, driver’s license info and social security numbers. T-Mobile claims that customers phone numbers, account numbers, credit card numbers, passwords and PINs were not compromised.


T-Mobile is planning to send alerts to those that were affected by this breach. It is also recommending that customers change their PIN numbers. This is important because that PIN can be used to move your number to another carrier.

T-Mobile needs to beef up its cybersecurity

T-Mobile really needs to beef up its cybersecurity. We have not seen any other company get hacked as often as T-Mobile has. And where T-Mobile is one of the fastest growing carriers out there, that means more and more people are going to get their data hacked. That’s not good.

Additionally, this info about the investigation was not shared on T-Mobile or T-Mobile Help’s Twitter accounts. But only on its CEO’s account. Which I can assure you that most customers do not follow Mike Sievert, nor do they know that he is the CEO of T-Mobile. They probably still think John Legere is the CEO, and he hasn’t been for a good little while now.


While we don’t want to influence you to switch carriers, it might be a good idea to switch to AT&T or Verizon. It’s not so much that T-Mobile has gotten hacked. Because it’s not about if your information gets hacked, but when. But the fact that T-Mobile has handled it so poorly, and that it continues to happen.