Get 90 Days Of Stadia Pro Free If You Subscribe To YouTube Premium


YouTube Premium subscribers have the chance to get Stadia Pro for free for a full 90 days. That’s three months of cloud gaming bliss where you can load up a game on your phone, in the Chrome browser, or on your TV with the appropriate hardware. That hardware being a Chromecast Ultra, a Chromecast with Google TV, and select Android TVs.

If you’ve not tried out Stadia or Stadia Pro before, this is a decent deal. It’s also one of many promotions Google has ran since Stadia was released. And it likely won’t be the last time either. The promotion isn’t being made available to just anyone. However, there’s a chance that you might be in the pool of users who are able to take advantage of Google’s latest deal.

Stadia Pro is only free for new YouTube Premium subscribers

One major caveat to this promotion is that you have to be a new subscriber to YouTube Premium. If you’ve subscribed to the service before to get rid of those pesky YouTube ads, then you’re unfortunately out of luck. As you won’t be able to claim the free 90-day subscription to Stadia Pro.


If this would be your first time subscribing to YouTube Premium, then you end up getting three months to check out what Stadia Pro is like. And that’s plenty of time to decide if it’s something you want to continue using.

Stadia Pro gives you access to a large suite of free games. With a few new ones being added every month. You do need to have an active Pro subscription if you want to play them. But even if the subscription ever lapses, the games are still in your library and you can resume playing them when and if you ever re-subscribe.

The promotion isn’t available in all regions

Google is limiting this promotion to only some of the regions where Stadia is available. This includes the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.


Any other regions not listed won’t have access to claim the deal. There’s also a time limit on claiming the free 90- day Stadia Pro sub. Though it’s not a very short one. As you have until January 31, 2022 before the offer goes away. After you claim the offer, you will need to redeem it by February 14 at 9AM PST 2022.