Smartwatch Shipments Are Doing Great In 2021

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Hands On 6
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Smartwatch shipments in 2021 are having a bit of resurgence. Climbing the ladder to reach levels that haven’t been seen since before the pandemic started back in the beginning of 2020. That’s more than a year later. Despite the pandemic being ongoing, it seems people are starting to recapture some semblance of normalcy in their lives.

Whether it’s taking more walks or getting back to work in the office. A smartwatch appears to be on the minds of consumers more often this past quarter than in quite a while. Naturally, not as many people are in lockdown globally. So it would stand to reason that more people have a reason to want such a device.

Strategy Analytics reports that shipments of smartwatches have risen globally a lot in Q2 2021.


Global smartwatch shipments for Q2 2021 have risen 47%

Shipments of smartwatches have increased annually in Q2 of 2021 by a total of 47%. Which is around 18 million smartwatches that have found a new home on the wrists of users.

The large majority of those shipments come from Apple with the Apple Watch. Which is no surprise if you follow the smartwatch market. Apple is still half of that overall market on a global scale. This past quarter, Apple’s shipment number is estimated to be around 9 million units all by itself.

The next closest brand is Samsung, estimated to have shipped around 2 million smartwatches in Q2 of 2021. A whopping 7 million behind Apple. Meanwhile, other well-established brands like Garmin aren’t too far behind, with an estimated total shipment of around 1.5 million smartwatches.


The rest of the shipments for the same quarter are a collective from the remaining brands, including Xiaomi, Fitbit, Huawei and others.

Beyond Q2, shipments are expected to continue increasing. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic running Wear OS 3 are just starting to hit store shelves. And Fossil just announced the Gen 6 line, which users can pre-order as of today.

It wouldn’t be a surprise to shipments really take off in 2022. As more watches that support Wear OS 3 are expected to hit the market. While a few older models are slated to get the update to it.