Samsung Is Manufacturing Google's Tensor SoC For Pixel 6

pixel 6 tensor

On Monday, Google announced some specs for the new Pixel 6 smartphones. Including the Google-made SoC that will be inside, Tensor. But when it comes to the processor, Google left us with more questions than answers. Like, what kind of processor is it, and who is manufacturing it?

Well, Nikkei Asia seems to know the answer to those questions. Stating that the Tensor SoC will be a 5nm chipset. That’s the same process that Qualcomm’s latest, the Snapdragon 888, is built on. And Samsung will be handling the production of the Tensor SoC too.

Samsung did decline to comment on Nikkei Asia’s report. Which likely means that it is true. Of course, that is also information that we may never really know. We only know that Samsung produces some of Qualcomm’s chipsets because they make a big deal out of the partnership.


Tensor will be a 5nm SoC

For those that may not be well-versed in the processor space, it’s good news that the Tensor SoC will be a 5nm chipset.

That basically means that it will be a very small chipset. Allowing for more space in the phone for battery, and even cooling. That also makes the Tensor SoC even more efficient, which is important. Though, we still don’t know what kind of cores are going to be included in this chipset.

We do, however, know that the Tensor SoC is going to use the new Titan M2 security chip, as well as a TPU for AI performance on the Pixel 6.


This Tensor SoC has been in the making for quite some time. Remember, this is not really Google’s first chipset. As it makes its chipsets for its servers already, and that’s where the name “Tensor” comes from. This chipset is being designed specifically for the Pixel 6. So it could turn out to perform better than the Snapdragon 888-powered smartphones currently on the market.