Samsung Announces The Galaxy Watch 4 With A Reimagined Platform

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 91

Samsung has officially announced the Galaxy Watch 4, complete with what Samsung is calling a “reimagined platform and interface,” which is really just the unified platform that it announced alongside Google at Google IO earlier this year.

Though in many ways, this is still the same Galaxy Watch device fans know and love, it’s also quite different. Chief among those differences is the new unified platform. Which for the Galaxy Watch 4, means the best of Wear OS and the best of Samsung’s One UI. Called One UI Watch.

This includes access to things like the Play Store and other Google apps, but all wrapped up in Samsung’s One UI Watch design with other improved parts of the experience. The watch will be offered at two different price points – $249 and $349, with the pre-orders beginning today, August 11. Meanwhile, actual sales will start on August 27, with the watch being available directly from Samsung and its retail partners like Amazon, Best Buy and more.


Samsung has announced two different models of the Galaxy Watch 4

This year Samsung will be offering two different models of the watch. The original model will be known simply as the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. Then there’s the Galaxy Watch 4, which is Samsung’s Active model this time around. Instead of launching a Galaxy Watch Active 3.

This also means that users will get a few more features with the Classic model. Although the two versions will be mostly the same, the Classic will offer the rotating bezel and be made of high-end materials.

Both watches will come with a higher-resolution display and Samsung will offer an LTE version of both models too. The company is also bumping up the other specs. There’s now 16GB of storage instead of 8GB. And, since this is running on the new unified platform, that means longer battery life and improved performance.


Get ready for advanced sleep features

Samsung has been taking a more focused approach to the health features on its devices for a while, and the Galaxy Watch 4 is no different.

A big part of the experience for users will be the advanced sleep features. The Galaxy Watch 4 will be able to detect when you snore and continue tracking your blood oxygen while you’re asleep. Then give you an overall sleep score the next morning.

Samsung’s BioActive Sensor is also present, incorporating an optical heart rate sensor, an electrical heart sensor, and a bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor. With the BIA sensor, Samsung says that it’ll take just two fingers and about 15 seconds to check your body composition, as the watch captures about 2,400 data points.


The case is thinner than last year’s Galaxy Watch 3

Amidst all the improvements and changes, Samsung has made the Galaxy Watch 4 case thinner than on last year’s Galaxy Watch 3. That should also mean that the case will be lighter, even if only a little bit.

There will also be multiple sizes of the case, and a variety of colors and straps to choose from.