Galaxy S22 May Include A New 50MP RGBW Camera Sensor

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra AH 11

The Galaxy S22 series is one of the most anticipated smartphone series for 2022, and as usual, there are a lot of rumors about it before the unveiling. Although there is still a long way to go before the unveiling of Samsung’s new Galaxy series, the primary camera is the starting point for speculations around the Galaxy S22.

Samsung has previously noted that it’s working on a bunch of new camera sensors with different megapixels and new features included. The famous tipster Ice Universe has recently said that a 200MP camera sensor and a new 50MP RGBW are being developed under the supervision of Samsung engineers. The rumored sensors will come in September, Ice Universe asserted.

The contribution of these sensors to the Galaxy S22 series is the same thing we’re looking for. According to leaker Yogesh, the 50MP RGBW sensor will be used in the Galaxy S22 series. However, some other phones are possibly in the queue for receiving Samsung’s new camera sensor. Dates back to April, some sources reported that Google Pixel 6 might feature a 50MP ISOCELL GN2 sensor made by Samsung. Of course, Sony is also lurking to sell a similar sensor to Google.


The camera will be a turning point for Galaxy S22 series

We still don’t know which phone in the S22 series will receive the 50MP RGBW sensor. However, the starting S21 will be a good candidate for it. The higher-end ones will receive higher megapixel sensors. The Ice Universe previously asserted that Galaxy S22 Ultra features a 108MP sensor. However, the other reports insisted that Samsung will use a 200MP five-lens camera on its S22 Ultra. Although more megapixels does not necessarily mean higher quality, the Korean company doesn’t want to lose the megapixels game.

Samsung is not alone at developing its 200MP sensor, and Olympus is helping. There have been many reports in recent months about Samsung and Olympus collaborating to develop a 200MP sensor. The result of this collaboration will probably be visible in the Galaxy S22 series.

In the coming months, tipsters and tech reporters will shed more light on the Galaxy S22 series to clarify its specification. To date, we know Galaxy S22 may come at 6.06 inches, which is a downgrade from 6.2 inches on the S21. The Plus versions reportedly feature 6.5-inch panels, and the Ultra models will arrive at 6.81 inches.


Samsung will likely debut its Exynos chip with AMD GPU inside the Galaxy S22 series. If that doesn’t happen, the Snapdragon 895 may be included. On the flip side, Samsung may end up using both chips.