Samsung Will Dominate The Foldables Market Through 2023, Analysts Say

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 AM AH 26

Samsung is presently leading in the market for foldables, at least with regard to smartphones, and that trend is reportedly expected to continue. Or at least that’s the case based on recent research from Counterpoint Research. The firm says that as many as 3-million foldable handsets were shipped, with Samsung making up 88-percent in terms of market share. Largely because to the Samsung Galaxy Z series handsets.

Counterpoint Research predicts that Samsung will retain that share, holding onto as much as 75-percent through 2023.

Foldables aren’t a big slice of the smartphone pie but Samsung will help it grow

Now, that percentage is massive, and follows on shipments numbering closer to 3 million units for 2020 in the foldable space. And in 2023, the firm believes that number will grow exponentially to around 30 million units. Which would ultimately, if Counterpoint Research is accurate, give Samsung around 22.5 million units shipped.

That figure is in spite of growing competition in that space. Huawei, Xiaomi, and Microsoft have their own foldable smartphones, for instance. And Google, TCL, Honor, and others are expected to enter into the market sooner than later as well. With other brands likely to follow as the trend grows.


Now, it’s also important to remember that figure is still well short of global overall smartphone shipments. Those number over 1 billion by most estimates. But it is a good starting point and, if rumors about Samsung including an S Pen with its foldables and lowering the entry cost hold true, many Samsung Galaxy Note users could be persuaded to buy into the trend. And that, alongside Samsung’s dominance in folding displays, could help Samsung stay at the top.

Samsung probably won’t enjoy that level of dominance for much longer

As noted above, however, Samsung isn’t the only OEM interested in the foldables market. Its biggest competitor, Apple, is likely going to be the key factor here. At least as it pertains to in Samsung’s ability to maintain such a dominant market share.

Namely, Counterpoint Research predicts that if Apple introduces a foldable, that will be the device that takes that smartphone form factor mainstream. Although Samsung would likely still benefit due to its position in the display space.