Pixel 6 Will Charge Much Faster, But Don't Expect A Charger In The Box

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Google‘s semi-announced next-gen flagship duo — the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro — are expected to bring upgrades all-around over their predecessors. It appears one of the most notable upgrades will be in the charging department. Google will reportedly almost double the charging speed with its new Pixels: from 18W in Pixel 5 to 33W in Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. That would mark a major step up from the company, which is often condemned for not taking the Pixel smartphone line seriously.

It’s still not quite on par with what Chinese brands like Xiaomi, OnePlus, and OPPO offer though. All these companies have been aggressively increasing charging speeds on their phones over the past year or so. Xiaomi’s recently launched Mi Mix 4 boasts a staggering 120W fast charging, which the company claims can fully charge its 4,500mAh battery in just about 15 minutes. OnePlus’ latest flagships also come with 65W fast charging support.

The industry leader Samsung (or is it anymore?) hasn’t been as aggressive in this regard though. Hardly any Galaxy smartphone ever exceeds 25W fast charging speed, not even the newly launched Galaxy Z Fold 3 foldable or its latest flagships: the Galaxy S21 series. With Google now making a big leap forward, the Korean firm could finally follow suit as well.


Anyways, according to the report, the source of this information has seen “a lot of 33W charging bricks” at Google’s headquarters. However, those are seemingly only for testing purposes and are reportedly being taken back. That suggests that the Pixel 6 series will not include a charger in the box, something that’s increasing in trend in the smartphone industry. We’ve been hearing of this recently and the latest report reiterates it. The said 33W charging bricks should be available to purchase separately.

When will Pixel 6 arrive?

As said earlier, Google has already announced the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, revealing their design and a few key details. But we still don’t have an exact launch date. The company simply said they will arrive “later this fall”. So we could see the Pixel 6 series fully break cover in late September or early October.

We already know that the new Pixel devices will feature a custom Samsung-made SoC called Tensor. Various leaks and rumors have also revealed lots of other things about the upcoming Pixel duo. You can check out our preview articles to know more about the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Stay tuned for the official announcement regarding their launch.