OnePlus Plans To Sell 25 Million Nord Devices By 2023

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OnePlus has been rising like a rocket since it launched the OnePlus One. Now, the company has some major plans and high hopes for its upcoming phones. The company just stated that it plans on selling a lot of Nord devices over the next couple of years.

OnePlus is confident that it will sell 25 million Nord devices by 2023

This news comes to us from BGR. OnePlus stated that the Indian response to the OnePlus Nord series was overwhelming. It seems that the line of phones is selling better in India than in other countries. This is most likely why the OnePlus Nord 2 5G wasn’t released in the USA.

In a statement, Navnit Nakra, the vice president, chief strategy officer, and head of India sales said “…we project that by the end of 2023, the accumulated sales volume of the OnePlus Nord product line will reach 25 million units globally.”


This figure includes the sales of all Nord devices, not just the newest ones. Regardless of this, it’s likely that the company plans for the OnePlus Nord 2 5G to make up most of that number. When the Nord 2 5G launched, the original Nord phone was discontinued by the company.

Even though the original Nord phones have been discontinued, they are still being offered by 3rd party vendors. If you want one, you can still get your hands on one.

OnePlus’ plans also include 5G expansion

5G is playing a large role in the technology landscape today. The technology is trickling down to cheaper devices, like Samsung’s Galaxy A phones. The OnePlus Nord phones are also blessed with 5G technology.


OnePlus stated that 5G is a top priority for the company. It spent $30 million to help boost its 5G research and development. Since the OnePlus 8, the company has been bringing 5G technology to both its flagships and Nord phones.

Nakra said that India is doing a lot of work on 5G software development and field testing to help make 5G a seamless experience. They will also be working closely with telecommunication companies and global stakeholders like Qualcomm.

It’s still hard getting a reliable signal to spread across India, as there’s a lot of empty space in the country. This proves to be a challenge for implementing 5G effectively. If OnePlus can sell the 25 million Nord devices, we can expect most of them to be in India. Hopefully, those phones will be able to bring reliable 5G in the near future.