OnePlus Nord Gets AOD Screenshot & Bitmoji AOD With August Update

OnePlus Nord Featured Image AH

The original OnePlus Nord is receiving a new software update. It’s OxygenOS version that brings the latest, August 2021 Android security patch to the device. There are also a couple of Ambient Display features in tow, the same two features that also made it to other OnePlus phones including the OnePlus 8 series recently.

Firstly, the OnePlus Nord is getting a new screenshot feature for AOD (always on display). For all intents and purposes, you’ll now be able to grab a screenshot of your AOD setup and do whatever you want with it.

The 2020 mid-ranger is also picking up Bitmoji AOD for ambient display with the latest update. A feature co-designed with Snapchat, Bitmoji AOD will “liven up the ambient display” with a personalized Bitmoji avatar. Your personal avatar automatically updates based on your surroundings and activities throughout the day. You can access this feature under Settings >> Customization >> Clock on ambient display >> Bitmoji.


The official changelog doesn’t mention anything else, so that’s probably it as far as new features are concerned. But the OnePlus Nord could be getting some system stability improvements though. And, of course, the vulnerability fixes for this month.

The latest OnePlus Nord update is now rolling out incrementally

The latest update for the original Nord is now rolling out to users over the air (OTA). As always, the OTA package will be released incrementally, meaning it will be initially available to a small section of users. Once the company is confirmed that the new software is free of any major bugs, it will roll out the update widely. So it could take a few days for the OTA file to reach every OnePlus Nord unit across the globe.

You should receive a notification once it becomes available for your phone. You can also manually check for updates by navigating to Settings >> System >> System updates on your phone.


In case the OTA update is not available for you yet and you can’t wait any longer, you can download the firmware package for your region from here and manually flash it. Note that you need to place the firmware package in the root directory of your phone’s internal storage. Then, select Local update under the System updates menu and select the package to install it.

OnePlus advises keeping the battery level above 30 percent before flashing the new software. You also need to have at least 3GB of storage space free, so keep that in mind too.