OnePlus Is Teasing A Reveal Of Something During Samsung's Unpacked

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Earlier this afternoon OnePlus tossed out a teaser for a folding phone. That in and of itself may not seem like something too out of the ordinary. Folding smartphones are a thing now after all, thanks to Samsung popularizing the space.

In fact, Samsung is supposed to be unveiling its latest folding smartphone tomorrow at Unpacked. And that’s where the folding phone teaser from OnePlus comes in. As the company seeks to ride the wave of Samsung’s Unpacked event. According to the teaser, OnePlus is even planning to reveal the mystery device at the same time as Samsung’s opening keynote.

Which takes place promptly at 7AM PST on August 11. So what exactly does OnePlus have lined up? That’s still up for debate. But all will seemingly be revealed tomorrow morning.


The OnePlus folding phone teaser looks like two phones in a specialized case

OnePlus only shows off a brief video clip of what it plans to reveal. But based on the design, and shape, of the device, it looks like OnePlus may be planning to launch a device that’s similar to LG’s dual screen foldable. Which wasn’t really a folding phone. But rather a singular phone that was accompanied by a secondary display.

That second display was part of a case you could put the phone in. And that gave it the appearance of a folding smartphone. It’s unclear if this is exactly what OnePlus is teasing. But that’s certainly what it looks like.




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A whole lot of hype for a potentially small payoff

OnePlus is built on hype. So it should come as no surprise that it’s building up the hype for whatever this new product is. But the company has chosen a rather precarious time for the unveiling. Knowing full well that Samsung’s event is tomorrow and that it could potentially reveal its own folding phone during the show.

Time will tell if consumers are as interested in what OnePlus has to say. It just might be tough to draw as much attention as it’s hoping for when the biggest Android smartphone maker is already commanding most of it.