Nokia 400 with Android 8.1 Appears in New Hands-on Video

Nokia 210 MWC 2019 AM AH 3

A hands-on video has revealed the Nokia Android feature phone known as the Nokia 400. While it originally leaked in 2019, the phone has resurfaced in the video showcasing its abilities. The Nokia 400 made an appearance on a Wi-Fi certification database in 2019 and again in 2020.

The video comes courtesy of the Hikari Calyx Tech YouTube channel (via XDA) and goes through the phone’s functioning in excellent detail.

The Nokia 400 is shown to have a 3.5mm headphone jack, a removable battery, and a microSD card slot. Expectedly, the phone has a micro USB port for data syncing and charging.


Much like Nokia phones of the past, this phone has a physical T9 keyboard, a small display, and a single rear camera enclosed within a polycarbonate shell.

The video goes on to show how the software has been modified to accommodate the form factor. Since there’s no touchscreen, all navigation requires using the directional buttons. The bottom of the screen contains options like Back, Select, and Options assigned to the buttons directly below them.

The Nokia 400 comes preloaded with games like Chrome Dinosaur and Nokia Snake

The phone also contains a handful of preloaded apps. One of the apps present, “Airtel,” indicates that this phone may have been designed for the Indian market.


Other apps such as Calculator, Calendar, file manager, Clock, Gallery, Contacts, Radio, Google Maps, and WhatsApp fill the app drawer. Among the games included with the phone are Proxx, Chrome Dinosaur, and the classic Nokia Snake.

Diving deeper into the settings, the Nokia 400 is running Android 8.1.0 with the August 2019 security patch. The model number is listed as Iron GAFP (Google Android for Feature Phones). Meanwhile, the About Phone page tells us that it’s running on 512MB of RAM.

We can briefly see a 4G sign on the video, while the settings page reveals support for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Flashlight, Do Not Disturb, and other basic Android settings.



In addition to the hands-on video, Hikari Calyx has also shared the Google Assistant OOBE (Out of Box Experience) videos for this phone on Twitter. The Nokia 400 couldn’t make it to the market due to unknown reasons. However, the amount of work put into the promotion of the phone shows that the phone came very close.