Navigate YouTube Videos Easier With Drag And Hold Scrubbing

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You never realize how important the video scrubbing options are to a video player sometimes. YouTube has a few options which make video scrubbing easier, and it looks like the company is testing another one. According to a Reddit user’s post, YouTube will be implementing drag and hold scrubbing.


Drag and hold scrubbing eliminates the need to use the progress bar

This seems like it’s a server-side update, so it’s not out on devices just yet. The user posted a screenshot that shows a video with the text “Slide left or right to seek” up top. There’s also a dot that represents where the finger was pressed. The finger is on the actual video instead of the progress bar.


Accessing the progress bar isn’t a huge inconvenience, but skipping that one step could just make the whole experience a little easier. It’s a feature that you would really have to try for a while before you can tell.

YouTube already has a few video scrubbing methods that forgo the progress bar. Firstly, if you are watching a long video and you start scrubbing with the progress bar, it would be subdivided into a smaller section. This is to help you scrub more accurately.

The other method is the double-tap to scrub. You double-tap on either side of the screen to skip a few seconds. The drag and hold scrubbing method could be a method that trumps those other two options.



Youtube drag and hold scrub



If you make YouTube shorts, then there might be some money in it for you

Recently, YouTube announced that it’s going to be distributing a $100 million fund to its YouTube Shorts creators. The company just flipped the switch, so people should be getting some money soon.

YouTube will be giving people between $100 and $10,000 to make those one-minute-long TikTok-style videos on the platform. Logically, if you make more videos and make more views, you will make more money. Creators who get larger sums of money won’t get it all at once. They will be getting checks once a month.

For a while, TikTok was the wild west of video content, but you know YouTube. There are strict rules that need to be followed, even with YouTube Shorts. If you violate YouTube’s terms and policies, you will not be eligible to receive any money.


Also, if you’re thinking of uploading videos from other sites, you’re also out of luck. YouTube will not consider any videos that have a watermark from other videos sites. However, let’s face it, a lot of people are going to try.

With drag and hold scrubbing and this $100 fund, there’s definitely some fun stuff to look forward to from YouTube.