Matte White OnePlus 9 Pro Won't Launch After All

OnePlus 9 Pro Matte White 3

OnePlus’ COO, Liu Fengshuo, shared an image of the Matte White OnePlus 9 Pro on Weibo yesterday. That image prompted rumors that the device could be on the way. Well, according to Max Jambor, a well-known tipster, the Matte White OnePlus 9 Pro won’t launch after all.

The Matte White OnePlus 9 Pro won’t launch after all, it seems

As a reminder, Max Jambor was the first person who shared the Matte White OnePlus 9 Pro prototype back in May. He shared several colors of the device that did not make it onto the market.

Aside from the Matte White model, he also shared the Glossy Black, Glossy Silver, and Glossy Green models. Even though OnePlus’ COO shared an image of the Matte White OnePlus 9 Pro, Jambor says that the phone is not coming.


He says that the Matte White model was scrapped in DVT or early PVT stage. He hasn’t heard anything different from his sources in the meantime.

The device launched in three color variants earlier this year

As a reminder, the OnePlus 9 Pro launched in three color options earlier this year. The device arrived in Morning Mist, Green Pine, and Stellar Black models. Out of those three, only the Morning Mist was glossy.

The Matte White OnePlus 9 Pro would be a nice addition to the lineup, one that would contrast all the other models. That won’t be happening, it seems, even though there’s a slight chance OnePlus completely changed its mind and revived the variant.


There are also rumors that the OnePlus 9T won’t launch this year. If that’s true, the company should definitely offer some more color options for the OnePlus 9 series, just to keep things fresh.

Truth be said, it would be odd for OnePlus not to announce the T series this year, but who knows. The chip shortage affected everyone, including OnePlus, so the company may stick with the devices it already produced.