Jabra Enhance Plus Debut For Those With Mild-To-Moderate Hearing Loss

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Jabra Enhance Plus was just announced. It’s a pair of earbuds capable of enhancing hearing for users who are not yet ready for a hearing aid.

What makes this product unique is that it falls between hearing aids and wireless earbuds. Jabra touted the Enhance Plus as having “a miniaturized true wireless form factor.”  To put this in context, it is half the size of the Elite 75T model.

In addition, they come in three different sizes of soft, flexible ear tips that help maintain a snug fit in the wearer’s ear. Finally, because Jabra built them for all-day use, they feature an IP52 water/dust-resistant housing.


The Jabra Enhance Plus don’t just provide hearing improvement. They can also be used to make phone calls and listen to music. Thanks to its ten-hour battery life, you can use them for a full work-day without needing to charge them. Additionally, with the charging case, that number jumps to 30 hours.

Additionally, the earbuds link with a mobile app that enables the user to pick from a variety of listening modes customized to specific situations. These situations include digital noise reduction to increase voice quality when there is a lot of ambient noise. (Wind, passing automobiles, etc.)

While Jabra is new to the hearing aid market, its parent company, GN, has a long history.  Therefore, it is safe to assume that Jabra is leveraging their experience to address customer needs.


How much will Jabra Enhance Plus cost, and when will it be available?

Jabra’s Enhance Plus will be available in two colors by the end of 2021: dark grey and gold beige. Furthermore, Jabra will offer these earbuds only through “licensed Hearing Care Professionals” and will include a “medical hearing test and assessment.”  Thus, this will guarantee the Jabra Enhance Plus is the best solution for each user’s unique hearing improvement needs.

Moreover, Jabra has not released pricing information yet. However, certain insurance plans may cover these earbuds for hearing loss because they are considered “medically controlled equipment.” Also, given Jabra’s history of promotions, it’s reasonable to assume that you’ll be able to get it with a significant discount in the future.

The FDA allows companies to sell directly to mild-moderate hearing loss customers without a prescription. Manufacturers are including these features into earbuds in order to gain market share while also helping those in need. Nuheara, along with companies like Olive, Bragi, Bose, has developed technology and hardware to help those with hearing loss. More importantly, Apple has announced plans to add a “Conversation Boost” to its AirPods Pro.

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