Huawei To Sell Third-Party Devices In Its Offline Stores: Report

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Huawei could be planning to follow in LG’s footsteps and start selling third-party devices in its offline stores. A recent post on Chinese microblogging platform Weibo claims that a smartphone codenamed Monica will be available in various Huawei stores soon. The said device will reportedly go on sale on August 20th.

The report doesn’t explicitly confirm that this upcoming “Monica” smartphone is a third-party product and not a Huawei original. However, considering the Chinese company only recently launched the Huawei P50 flagship series and there aren’t any reports of it launching a new smartphone anytime soon, it’s quite likely to be a third-party device.

There’s also a possibility that the new phone is from one of Huawei’s partners, or in other words, developed in partnership with the company. It could be using some Huawei technologies, components, or resources. Perhaps the device runs the company’s in-house Harmony OS and hence it is willing to sell the handset in its stores. Huawei wants to push Harmony OS into more consumer hands. So there’s no reason why it wouldn’t let other brands use its in-house OS. And by selling the devices in its stores, it’d be helping its own cause.


A separate report suggests that there are three new products coming to Huawei’s retail network this month. All of these are reportedly third-party devices. By the looks of it, the company is following in LG’s footsteps by selling phones from other brands in its brick-and-mortar stores.

Huawei is seemingly preparing to start selling third-party devices in its stores

If you haven’t been living under the rocks for the past few months, you might be aware that LG has quit the smartphone business. The South Korean company is now selling iPhones in its brick-and-mortar stores in the domestic market. Huawei might be looking to do something similar here. It could be planning to fill the shelves in its numerous offline stores in China with third-party devices.

There’s still no official confirmation regarding this from the beleaguered Chinese behemoth. However, there’s a distinct possibility of this happening as the company would be looking to expand its revenue sources. Huawei hasn’t been the same company since the US sanctions a couple of years back. So it would need to think out of the box as it prepares to bounce back. Time will tell if Huawei can make it back to the top in the smartphone market ever again.