How Samsung Made The First Water-Resistant Foldables

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 100

Samsung‘s brand-new Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are the most durable foldable smartphones to date. The devices feature stronger aluminum bodies, stronger foldable displays that are tested to withstand up to 200,000 folds without damage, and most importantly, an official IP rating for water resistance. Both the Fold 3 and Flip 3 are IPX8 rated, meaning they can survive under 1.5m deep water for up to 30 minutes. That’s a first for a foldable smartphone, Samsung has done it with both its newest models.

But all these durability improvements didn’t come easy. The company has released a new video where its engineers are talking about the challenges they faced and how they overcame those.

Samsung engineers talk about how the new Galaxy foldables more durable

First up, we have an engineer talking about the new Armor aluminum frame of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3. It is apparently the strongest aluminum used in smartphones today. At the same time, it is also thinner and lighter. This helped Samsung reduce the weight of the Fold 3, making it more portable without compromising on its strength. The company has used this material in the outer frames on both halves of the foldable, as well as the housing surrounding the hinge. The same goes for the Flip 3 as well.


The next big hurdle that Samsung engineers faced was in making the new foldables water-resistant. Conventional candybar smartphones don’t change their shape, so it’s easier to block water from coming into the device. But with foldables, there’s a hinge between two such parts and it needs some space or opening to work. This design makes it inevitable to let water getting inside the hinge.

So while Samsung could make the two halves of the foldables water-resistant like a normal, non-folding device, it had to think of some other way to protect the hinge connecting the two parts. What it did is apply an “anti-corrosion solution and lubricant” to cover electrical components contained in the hinge. This also prevents the hinge from rusting.

This essentially means water can still get inside the hinge but it doesn’t affect the parts and components there. “We did our best to provide protection from water damage, but it can’t hurt to take good care of your phone,” the engineers sign off. Check out the full video below.


Galaxy Z Fold 3, Flip 3 has no competition in the foldable market

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 are the two best foldable smartphones money can buy right now. And that’s not just because they are more durable than any other alternative. Be it functionality or usability, there are several reasons why the devices have no competition. You can check out our Galaxy Z Flip 3 review to find out how the Korean brand is making foldables mainstream. Stay tuned for our Galaxy Z Fold 3 review.