HBO MAX Finally Arrives On LG Smart TVs!

tony goncalves hbo max

HBO MAX is finally making its way to LG smart TVs starting today, in the US. It arrived on LG smart TVs in Latin America and the Caribbean back in June.

Those with an LG Smart TV will be able to download HBO MAX from the LG Channel Store on your TV. It is going to be available on virtually any LG smart TV that is running on webOS. Which is just about every TV released in the last several years.

This is basically the last remaining piece of the puzzle for HBO MAX, when it comes to platforms. As it was already available on Amazon Fire TV, iOS, iPadOS, Android, Chromebooks, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, Android TV, Apple TV, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Chromecast, Airplay and Roku.


What is HBO MAX?

HBO MAX is the upgraded version of HBO Go or HBO Now. It basically brings together HBO with the entire Warner Media library, all of which is owned by AT&T. HBO MAX is available in two plans. The main plan costs $15 per month. However, the ad-supported plan is $9.99 per month and brings in ads of course, and you also won’t get to see movies the same day they hit theaters. Other than that, the tiers are the same.

There’s a ton of great content available on HBO MAX, with much more in the works. And right now, you are able to watch a lot of movies that are in theaters, at home. Like the new Space Jam movie. And HBO MAX is planning to launch a few more movies on its service next year, on the same day they hit theaters. So this is a streaming service that is definitely worth signing up for. Even after the pandemic is over, or mostly over.