Hacker Steals Personal Data Of 70 Million AT&T Consumers: Report

ATT box logo 01 DG AH 2020

Following T-Mobile’s data breach, a new report surfaced throwing AT&T into the mix. According to a new report, a hacker stole the personal data of 70 million AT&T consumers.

Personal data of 70 million AT&T consumers has been stolen, allegedly

The hacker is asking for $1 million for the database he stole, as it’s on sale. This information comes from RestorePrivacy. So, what was stolen? Well, social security numbers, date of birth, name, phone number, physical address, and email address.

RestorePrivacy says that this hacker is actually well-known for his misdeeds. It is said that he is “a well-known threat actor with a long list of previous breaches”, and goes by the name “ShinyHunters”.


Some of his previous hacks include forays into Microsoft, Pixlr. Mashable, Tokopedia, and more. He provided RestorePrivacy with exclusive info just to prove that he did compromise the AT&T database.

That being said, AT&T went out to deny the breach. The company, according to RestorePrivacy, said that no breach took place. To that, the hacker said: “they will keep denying until I leak everything”.

The source said that it can’t prove that the information the hacker provided comes from AT&T consumers, the provided information does seem to be spot on. He shared a piece of it on an underground hacking forum, it seems.


Some PIN numbers have also been stolen, it seems

To make things worse, the hacker believes that one of the encrypted strings of data he managed to snatch, is actually a list of users’ PIN numbers. Needless to say, that makes the whole thing even worse.

AT&T denied the allegations by saying the following: “Based on our investigation today, the information that appeared in an internet chat room does not appear to have come from our systems”.

It remains to be seen what will happen next. ShinyHunters is well-known for his exploits, unfortunately. Something tells us we’ll get more information soon, and let’s hope it will be positive.